Workplace happiness

If you are happy with your employees, you want to keep them as long as possible.  You can better manage that if you know how happy your employees are with their job, environment, colleagues and management.  With FourSmileys from HappyOrNot you can easily and efficiently measure the situation with regard to workplace happiness within your organization.

That's how you measure it
Customer Happiness

Retaining existing customer’s costs on average 70% less than bringing in new customers. That is why measuring customer happiness with FourSmileys is efficient and result-oriented for every organization. With our FourSmileys from HappyOrNot you get an insight into their experiences and wishes, so that you can respond to them quickly.

That is how it works

Are they HappyOrNot?

Who better to tell you how your organization is doing than your own customers or employees? With the FourSmileys from HappyOrNot you offer customers and employees a fast, accessible and fun way to provide feedback on your organization.

That way you can find out more easily how customer satisfaction and workplace happiness can be improved and your organization can achieve better results!

Discover pain Points

Improve experiences

Increase loyalty

Build your brand

Increase your sales

Grow in 3 steps with FourSmileys



Listen to customers or employees and collect their valuable feedback



Monitor performance and changes through structural reports



Adjust on the basis of real data and see happiness grow in customers!

Reports in your dashboard

Because growth only works if you have insight into the needs of your target group, the package from FourSmileys, authorized reseller from HappyOrNot, has been completed with your own dashboard. By logging in you see the results of the measurements and you really get to know your customers and employees well. You can use this valuable data to implement improvements. In addition to the web environment, a handy app is also available so that the results are always and everywhere visible.

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Want to know if your customers are HappyOrNot?

Then just try the FourSmileys. We will bring them to your organization in no time.