An article by our partner HappyOrNot shows that in the United States alone, $1.6 trillion is lost due to customers switching companies due to poor service. This is a shame and unnecessary. Customer loyalty increases when the service is good, so it is a shame to let this pass. 96% of the customers state that the quality of the service provider and the service is decisive when making a choice whether or not to switch between providers. If your organization considers service to be of paramount importance and actually manages it through feedback collection and continuous improvement, there is a huge opportunity for growth. Where do you start?


Data is the key

First of all, the collection of data is crucial to map out how the current service provision is experienced. Many innovations or improvements today still take place on the basis of too little or even no data. Too many companies still act immediately on a negative review, an angry email, or an official complaint. But often this is only a single experience and the rest of the customers look at the organization very differently. The solution lies in consistently collecting feedback in order to gain more insight into the emotions of the customer. How do they feel? What do they associate your brand with? What are the chances that they will come back? It is precisely the use of feedback tools at the moment that gives the most interesting and reliable feedback.

Smiley Touch

With the products of FourSmileys, you can realize this. The Smiley Touch is one of the feedback tools that ensure that the data obtained can be used immediately to improve the service of the organization. You decide when the customer can leave feedback, before, during, and after the purchase process. The feedback is combined and analyzed and you can draw conclusions based on the data. Where in the process is it going well? Where are things going less well? Where are the areas for improvement and therefore the growth opportunities?

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