In an era of data abundance, there is an expectation that important strategic decisions are made on the basis of data and objective conclusions. Yet we often see that it is not really clear how customers experience the products or services, where the points for improvement lie, what employee satisfaction is, or just as important: what ensures that customers and employees actually become fans of the organization. How can you use feedback tools correctly to achieve significant growth in 2023?

Various studies have shown that financial results have a direct causal relationship with customer satisfaction. To measure customer satisfaction with reliable, high-quality feedback, two criteria are important: volume and reliability. To collect this, it is important that you ask for feedback immediately at the time of the experience and not only afterwards. How often do you receive an email stating: how did you experience company x? How often do you really feel like giving feedback if the experience was good or fine? The same actually applies to negative feedback. You still experience the emotion at the time, but do you really bother to leave feedback days after a bad experience?

The feedback moments must therefore be possible at every place and every moment of contact with the customer. With FourSmileys you can use different tools to request feedback through various channels at different times. The Smiley Touch offers the possibility of feedback in three steps, namely:

  • Click on the smiley that most closely matches the experience
  • Indicate via multiple choice what was good, less good or choose another question
  • Here the customer has the possibility to add his own comment. This is not mandatory and can be skipped.

As an organization you choose the question you want to ask in step 2. Below is an example of what that will look like. If there is sufficient feedback and therefore data, you as an organization can immediately respond to opportunities for improvement and focus on improved customer satisfaction and start growing immediately!

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