This is how the FourSmileys work

Collecting feedback from customers and employees with the FourSmileys from HappyOrNot is very simple and above all very fun. Put down the best fit FourSmileys product and let people indicate how they experience your organization, product or service through a happy, less happy or dissatisfied smiley.

Collecting feedback in this way is fun, approachable and inviting. The smileys from HappyOrNot are used worldwide and have since become a recognizable logo. That is a big advantage for you; customers and employees will quickly be inclined to press the smiley.

With the feedback that is given, you as an organization can objectively examine where improvements are possible. Customers and employees tell you exactly whether they are HappyOrNot and what that is about. In this way, feedback provides concrete points for improvement. As an organization you immediately get a big smile again.

Discover Pain Points

Improve Experiences

Increase Loyalty

Build Your Brand

Increase Your Sales



Measuring customer happiness or workplace happiness is very effective with FourSmileys. Because the action for your target group is quick and easy, the number of responses is higher than with old-fashioned surveys. And if you are afraid of distorted results; the Smiley Terminal even has a built-in anti-abuse option.


Log in to your personal dashboard and see the reactions of your target group. The FourSmileys dashboard is set up in such a way that you can see exactly when there are peaks and troughs in the satisfaction of customers or employees and you can respond quickly to negative feedback. The handy app allows you to view the results anywhere, anytime and you can proactively use this data to take steps quickly as an organization.



Once you know on which days, times and for example in which locations improvement is possible, you can quickly inform the right parties. The data that you collect with FourSmileys is accurate and usable and therefore offers practical tools to improve and grow your organization.

Wich smileys will suit your business?

Smiley Terminal™


Smiley Touch™

3-step insights

Smiley Digital™

Also online possibilities
On desktop and mobile

Step 1

You contact FourSmileys full of expectation

Step 2

We identify your goals and provide the best advice

Step 3

You choose the best fitting subscription from FourSmileys

Step 4

We deliver and configure the FourSmileys

Step 5

You see the data and results via the dashboard

Step 6

Measuring, knowing and improving = easy in the pocket

Curious how it works?

Then leave your number. We will call you without obligation to answer your questions and we will even be happy to drop by the FourSmileys so that you can test them. We make you, your customers and your employees smile in no time.

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