Successfully improving your products or services is impossible without customer feedback. Without customer feedback, it is very difficult to gain insight into the customer experience. How does the customer experience your product? What is being said about the communication, the process, and the delivery? Where you think this went completely well, there may have been details or moments of communication that the customer experienced as not so positive. The other way around is of course also possible. Your customer is extremely satisfied with your product, the relationship, and the entire process. Proper data could also gain insight in the right strategy. You should simply not miss this! FourSmileys’ hybrid feedback model allows you to collect feedback in various ways and combine it for optimal insight into your customers’ experiences. 


Now available: on-site hybrid feedback with feedback smileys!

In a good omnichannel strategy, data is essential for offering the perfect purchasing experience. A good strategy also includes obtaining feedback. Hopefully, the customer is used to an excellent experience of your brand. How do you provide the same feedback experience? This is now possible with the hybrid model of FourSmileys. From now on, your (potential) customer can choose to press a smiley with the Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal and give feedback at a physical location, as well as online via a direct link. The data is collected in the same environment, so that optimal data processing and interpretation can take place. This easy way offers many possibilities to get more and better feedback. No shortage of data anymore!

Online feedback with feedback smileys: Smiley Digital

How do you do this online? With feedback smileys you can let customers give feedback at any time. How is the current online shopping experience? Or better, how does the customer experience the information, the purchase process, or the customer service? With Smiley Digital you can use the feedback smileys at any time with any question. Smiley Digital’s feedback smileys can be used in several ways:

  • Email signature
  • In the communication by email about the order
  • On the website
  • After Checkout
  • As feedback after chatting or other customer service contact

We challenge you to map out your customer journey and to see in which phase you would like to get feedback. This way you know exactly which product best suits your brand and strategy.

Curious about the options and rates for the hybrid feedback solution? Please contact us directly via the button below. We are happy to help you.