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The FourSmileys from HappyOrNot can be deployed through various products, all intended to collect feedback efficiently. Our solutions with feedback smileys invite your customers and employees in a friendly way to assess your service or culture.

Which way fits your organization depends on your wishes, environment and goals. What you know for sure; each feedback smiley option helps you better serve your customers and better understand your employees. Based on the valuable information to which you can connect KPIs, you can make targeted adjustments and keep your customers and employees satisfied.



Listen to customers or employees and
collect their valuable feedback.



Monitor performance and changes
through structural reports



Adjust on the basis of real data
and see satisfaction increase!

Smiley touch of FourSmileys

Smiley Touch

The Smiley Touch is a visually attractive tablet and therefore an elegant option for feedback messages. This allows you to collect feedback in a low-threshold way and you can implement improvements quickly. Thanks to follow-up options and the option to let your target group write a message themselves, these feedback smiles are perfectly usable if you need specific suggestions.


– Insight into 3 steps: question, follow-up, open feedback
– Can be provided with a house style or a completely own design
– Quick to install, without tools. Unpack and plug in!
– Smart software filters incorrect input and ensures correct research data
– Web, app and e-mail reports and an interactive customer report
– No internet connection required

Smiley Terminal

The freestanding and wireless Smiley Terminal can be placed anywhere and is a low-threshold and flexible feedback smiley. Your customers, employees or patients indicate their experience by pressing one of the smileys. The terminal records this feedback and makes the results visible in an online dashboard via a secure connection.


– Can be provided with a house style or design of its own
– No internet connection required, always ready for use
– Wireless and mobile FeedbackSileys
-Can be installed in 3 minutes without tools, unpacking and going – Smart software filters incorrect input and ensures correct research data
– Web , app and e-mail reports and an interactive customer report

Smiley terminal of FourSmileys
foursmileys of happy or not - smiley wall

Smiley Wall

With the Smiley Wall you can collect feedback smiles from customers or visitors literally everywhere. You can paste this compact and fully wireless solution wherever you want, regardless of space, height or background. This way you request feedback exactly at the place and time where it applies.


– Removable front panel, so that demand can be refreshed
– Saves valuable floor space
– Equipped with a double-sided sticker, stick it where you want
– Web, app and e-mail reports and an interactive customer report
– No internet connection required


More and more user experiences are taking place online. Do you know how your visitors experience a visit to your website or webshop? The WebSmileys tell you in the form of online feedback messages. People see the question and smileys, understand the meaning and click. When that happens, an empty text field appears in which customers can possibly give a response. Collect easy and simple feedback from your online visitors.


– Gain insight through open feedback
– Updates are free and automatic
– Supported by multiple web browsers
– Also works on mobile devices
– Web, e-mail and interactive customer reports

foursmileys van happy or not - smiley web
Smiley link four smileys happy or not

Smiley Link

Feedback via your mobile phone, it couldn’t be easier! An easy and quick way to collect feedback. Combine the Smiley Link with the Smiley Touches and Smiley Terminals to get even more useful insights. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and choose the smiley that best suits your experience.


– Can be combined with other FourSmileys products
– Easy and fast via a QR code
– You can share the QR code via emails, messages and more
– Provide contactless feedback

Feedback smiles in your corporate identity

The Smiley Terminal and the Smiley Touch can be supplied completely in your corporate identity. Not only can the logo of your organization be combined with your corporate identity colors, you can also have the column of the Smiley Touch printed completely. In this way the FourSmileys can be fully integrated within your organization.

A smart move if you want to invite visitors, customers and employees even faster to give feedback. The branding can be done in different ways and with our special tool we can show you exactly what that looks like.


FourSmileys in no time at your business

Step 1

You contact FourSmileys full of expectation

Step 2

We identify your goals and provide the best advice

Step 3

You choose the best fitting
subscription from FourSmileys

Step 4

We deliver and configure the FourSmileys

Step 5

You see the data and results via the dashboard

Step 6

Measuring, knowing and improving
= easy in the pocket

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