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A constant flow of travelers, for almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goal? Achieving maximum customer satisfaction and as much insight into the customer experience as possible. Rotterdam The Hague Airport conducts a lot of research into the customer experience of passengers at the airport. They do this with the products of FourSmileys. There are now several products, including Smiley Touches and Smiley Terminals, spread across the airport. Sannah van der Sman, Customer Experience Employee at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, takes us into daily practice and the insights resulting from the feedback obtained.

How can we do better, how fast is our process experienced, how clean is our airport and how friendly are our employees? We are a chain and work with commercial and operational partners who carry out part of the customer journey for us. We want to provide the ultimate passenger experience to make people feel pleasantly surprised, confident and at home during their visit to the airport. FourSmileys’ products are a simple and effective tool that we use in new innovations or processes to measure reactions and results. It is a good solution for our partners because of its ease of use.

The positive feedback varies by area. We continuously measure the experience at our restaurant. This resulted, for example, when the temporary catering spot had become larger due to the removal of building partitions, customer satisfaction had actually decreased despite the range being the same. Through the terminal we discovered that this was because the catering area had grown in four feet. Due to the larger surface area, people expected a full-fledged restaurant. The customer’s expectations no longer matched the offer. Without the terminals, we would not have been able to conclude that increasing the area, but offering the same catering quality, had a negative outcome on customer satisfaction.

The cooperation is very pleasant and I am very satisfied. As soon as I call, it’s taken care of right away. Whether it concerns an empty battery, a broken screw or the start of a new investigation. The lines are short and you can always contact FourSmileys. Willingness to help is high, even when it’s outside of their service area. We as Rotterdam The Hague Airport are very satisfied and will certainly continue to do so!

"A great partner with short lines of communication. You can always contact FourSmileys and the willingness to help is great,” says Sannah van der Sman,

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
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