Measuring feedback using feedback smileys is used in many industries. Although the application and experience in the different sectors may be the same, it often serves a different goal. Which goals are these? In this article we explain for two sectors which tools could be used to achieve certain goals. For this we look at the healthcare and offices sector.



The feedback smileys are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and general practices. There is a major shortage of people in healthcare, costs are rising and there is a lack of capacity. Not infrequently, staff is overworked due to the high workload. A problem that needs to be solved in the coming years. Focusing on initiatives that can achieve the greatest improvement is crucial. This applies not only to the staff, but also to the patients. Employee satisfaction has a direct effect on patient satisfaction, according to Forbes’ Blake Morgan. In healthcare, feedback smileys are used to measure satisfaction at various counters. In addition, specific questions can be asked to employees or patients to find out in a targeted manner what the experiences are and where the points for improvement lie. The Smiley Terminal  and Smiley Touch  are the most used. With the Smiley Touch, the person who leaves feedback can choose to give an explanation. This results in even more useful advice that can be implemented immediately.


In many workplaces, the feedback smileys can be used to measure employee satisfaction. The advantage of the feedback smileys is that everyone can leave feedback at a chosen moment instead of a planned feedback email that takes someone longer and is often not filled in spontaneously. As an organization you can immediately adjust with the feedback smileys based on KPIs. In addition, many organizations use digital feedback as a data collection method. This may be through the website, for new and existing website visitors to further improve the website experience. Besides, it can be used to measure customer satisfaction by sending a digital survey, or directly via the email signature. The products that are often used in offices are Smiley Touch and Smiley Digital.

The two sectors above indicate how customer experience, employee satisfaction and growth can be improved by using feedback smileys. There are many more options for using the feedback smileys e.g., in public transport and retail.

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