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Nothing is more important than good healthcare services. Healthcare should be a place where people feel safe, heard and helped. Ron de Pré, Teamleader Guest Service at ZorgSaam Zorgsupport, thinks the same way. As a teamleader, he is responsible for directing and managing staff and volunteers and the services at the reception. How do FourSmileys’ terminals contribute to this?

For us, the purpose of the data collection is to optimise the service. There is a reception and patient registration at our main location. We wanted to gain insight into the customer experience in a fast and direct way. That’s how we ended up at FourSmileys. Every week we receive a report with data. In addition, we receive a monthly report, but you can retrieve the data via the software at any time. It brings interesting insights. Where we used to be able to reach a smaller group with customer evaluations, it now even comes from passengers. This is mainly caused by the low threshold of the terminal. The scope is much broader, which makes this method attractive.

It not only has a positive effect on the customer experience. It also creates awareness among employees about the effect of their services. You know that your behavior can be directly assessed, so it can make you think more about the consequences of the service you provide. Of course, something new causes some discomfort at first, but everyone quickly got used to it.

The collaboration is nice. There is a lot of personal contact and things are arranged quickly. For example, I wanted to place the terminals in different locations in one day and there was a lot of flexibility from FourSmileys in this too. The process from A to Z went smoothly. I am therefore very satisfied with it.

"I can only be positive about it.” says Ron de Pré.

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